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6 reasons to study ITIL online

You are probably reading this article because you are considering taking your ITIL Foundation online.

Continue to read to find out why studying for your ITIL Foundation online is the most cost effective, efficient and effective way to get qualified. It is ideal for anyone considering taking ITIL Foundation training.

1. Value for money

A quick compare of the prices for a classroom ITIL Foundation course and an online ITIL Foundation course one thing is obvious – ITIL online training is always cheaper!

For some ITIL training providers, their low price is because their online ITIL Foundation courses are produced cheaply with less effort. Often, they just show a video of a boring trainer speaking directly into the camera. You will find this type of cheap ITIL online training on sites such as Udemy.

Despite its low price compared with a classroom ITIL course, our online ITIL Foundation training is cheaper because we don’t need to rent a training venue nor pay for an ITIL trainer. With online ITIL Foundation training, you’re just pay for the online ITIL content, and official ITIL Foundation exam from AXELOS.

2. Easily fits your busy schedule

The average ITIL Foundation course lasts for 3 days. This makes a classroom course all but impossible for some students – for example if you can’t take time off work or if you have other commitments, such as childcare. Online ITIL Foundation training gives you much more flexibility.

With our ITIL Foundation online training, you can choose to study whenever you want and take the ITIL exam whenever you are ready. For busy people without the time to take a classroom ITIL course, this is a huge benefit.

3. Learn from anywhere

Online ITIL Foundation training enables you to study and take your ITIL exam at home, no matter where you are. In fact, you could even do it sitting by the beach sipping your Margarita! You just need a computer with an internet connection!

An online ITIL Foundation course though gives you not only convenient – it also saves you money because you don’t have to pay for travel or hotel fees.

4. Suitable for all learners

On a classroom course, a trainer might go at a pace that is either too fast or too slow for some students. There might be other hurdles, such as a student being disruptive or asking too many questions. This can affect the pace of learning for other students in the group.

Because an online ITIL course enables you to learn at your own pace, it is ideal for all students, irrespective of the speed at which they learn. It is also ideal for people who prefer to learn in the comfort of their own home.

The interactive nature of our ITIL Foundation online course also makes it great for visual learners too! You will experience sample ITIL exams, online support from an ITIL trainer and plenty of activities to keep you stimulated.

5. Available on all platforms

Our online ITIL Foundation course works on your Windows or Mac computer, your tablet and smartphone too, meaning you can learn on-the-go.

It is built with the latest web and learning technologies. It doesn’t require any browser plug-ins or downloads.

This means you can choose the platform to learn on.

6. Longer-lasting learning

Our online ITIL Foundation course has been designed by experienced instructional designers working alongside subject matter experts to develop courseware which is highly interactive. It isn’t just a boring man speaking into a camera.

It will engage you and stimulate your brain which has the benefit of leading to faster and longer-lasting learning than more traditional methods.