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Six steps to pass your ITIL Foundation

Passing any exam is a challenge and passing the ITIL Foundation exam is no different.

This infographic contains 6 steps for you prepare you to pass your ITIL Foundation exam.

1. Do you research about ITIL

Ensure ITIL is the right qualifications for you. There are other IT Service Management qualifications you might have considered. Are you sure that ITIL Foundation is the best for you?

Don’t just take our word for it, but whilst ITIL is the world’s most popular IT Service Management framework, you should probably check this yourself. A good place to start would be the AXELOS ITIL page which has lots of useful information about ITIL.

2. Register for your ITIL Foundation course

Before you register for an ITIL Foundation course, you should read up about what makes a good provider. Although this article is about PRINCE2, the same things apply when it comes to choosing an ITIL training provider.

As part of choosing your ITIL course you must also decide whether you want to study ITIL Foundation online or take a standard ITIL Foundation course in a classroom. Choose an online course if you prefer to learn by self-studying or take a classroom course if you prefer face to fact learning from an experienced ITIL trainer.

Every ITIL training company has its own procedures for registering for a course. Make sure you don’t register and hand over money for a non-accredited training provider though. These companies cannot provide you with an exam and because they aren’t accredited by PeopleCert (the ITIL EI, or Exam Institute) there is no guarantee of their quality.

3. Visualize ITIL in your organization

One thing that usually helps students learn ITIL is to visualize how ITIL could work inside their own organization. By visualizing ITIL in this way, it helps their brain make sense of all the different elements. It brings clarity to the complexity of ITIL. I recommend this to any student of ITIL.

4. Revise for your ITIL Foundation exam

It goes without saying really, that to pass your ITIL Foundation exam you must revise. Unless you have a photographic memory, you will need to do your preparation before a course, do your homework during the course, and revise after your course.

5. Try sample ITIL Foundation exams

One of the best ways of preparing for your ITIL Foundation exam is to try some sample papers. As part of an accredited ITIL course, you will get an official ITIL Foundation sample exam paper from AXELOS. You can try this as many times as you want.

6. Book your ITIL Foundation exam only when you are ready

Some ITIL training providers allow you to book your ITIL Foundation exam only when you are ready. Knowledge Train does this if you buy the ITIL Foundation online course. You even have 12 months to complete the training and take your exam.

There are some more tips we could have given you including getting a good night’s sleep before your exam, and drink lots of water during the exam.

In any case, we hope you will make use of these tips. To help others learn these helpful tips to pass their ITIL Foundation exam, please share this article and infographic on your blog and social media.

And, more important of all, good luck in your ITIL Foundation exam.


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